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Jam Packed 

Our variety of exotic Jams represents Afghanistan itself, a country of more than fourteen different ethnicities and a multitude of languages. Our signature exotic recipe is the Carrot and Cardamom Jam but our others are just as equally as delicious. Each is packed with love and care, and created with unique recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.



Kookcha uses only the finest ingredients for their Jams. All ingredients are sourced locally in Suffolk. This unique flavor combination is unlike anything you have tasted before. The Jams are Kookcha’s famed secret family recipe. It is not produced by anyone else, nor anywhere else.


We're Jammin' 

Kookcha was launched in 2016 by Tahmina Farhang.

The name Kookcha comes from the famous Kokcha River located in the northeast of Afghanistan. It captures the cultural focus and identity of the business. Initially created with the intention to introduce ‘a taste of Afghanistan’ to an international customer base, Kookcha’s principal focus is now on supplying high-quality, authentic, sweet Afghani Jams to the growing niche market.

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